The Guess Who & Band Of Horses

Episode 113

In Episode 113, Aaron’s song picks for the week come from a Seattle-based band led by singer/songwriter Ben Bridwell while Brent spotlights music from one of the most successful Canadian rock groups of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Formed after the break-up of Bridwell’s previous band, Carissa’s Wierd, Aaron highlights three songs from the group Band Of Horses.

Originating in Winnipeg as Chad Allan & The Expressions before a clever marketing ploy permanently altered their name in 1965, Brent looks at three songs from the career of The Guess Who.

This Week’s Playlist

  1. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature – The Guess Who – American Woman (1970)
  2. The Funeral – Band of Horses – Everything All the Time (2006)
  3. Hand Me Down World – The Guess Who – Share The Land (1970)
  4. Marry Song – Band of Horses – Cease to Begin (2007)
  5. Runnin’ Back To Saskatoon – The Guess Who – Live At The Paramount (1972)
  6. Blue Beard – Band of Horses – Infinite Arms (2010)

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Videos Mentioned

(07:28) Burton Cummings Sings His Hit Songs On The Howard Stern Show – YouTube
(19:37) Inspired Bicycles – Danny MacAskill April 2009 – YouTube
(20:10) Danny MacAskill – The Slabs – YouTube
(32:35) KiD CUDi- THE PRAYER – YouTube
(34:49) Songwriters on Process interviews Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses! – Youtube
(48:34) Band of Horses perform Marry Song at Tromso Wedding – YouTube
(51:02) Cee Lo Green – No One’s Gonna Love You – YouTube
(51:02) Cee Lo Green – No One’s Gonna Love You – YouTube
(55:40) Pearl Jam & Brian – Running Back To Saskatoon – YouTube
(001:00:05) “She’s So High” by Tal Bachman – YouTube
(01:14:19) Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell on ‘Things Are Great’ (interview with The Current) – YouTube
Bands Mentioned
  • The Guess Who
  • Band Of Horses
  • Carissa’s Wierd
  • Chad Allan & The Expressions
  • Bachman–Turner Overdrive
  • BTO
  • Randy Bachman
  • Burton Cummings
  • Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
  • Tal Bachman
  • Lenny Kravitz
  • Tesla
  • Pearl Jam
  • Biffy Clyro
  • Brian Wilson
  • Beach Boys
  • The Who

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