Episode 88 Playlist

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This week, Aaron and Brent return to a topic that they haven’t covered since Episode 13:  Movie Soundtracks.

For Volume 2, the guys each pick three songs featured in their respective film or included on the movie’s soundtrack.

In anticipation of the film Ghostbusters Afterlife, Aaron spotlights 3 songs from the various Ghostbusters soundtracks throughout the franchises history including “Ghostbusters” from Run-DMC, “Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)” by Fall Out Boy & Missy Elliott, and “Ghostbusters” from Powerglove.

Focusing on music from the 2001 Cameron Crowe movie Vanilla Sky, Brent picks out 3 songs from the film despite only one actually being on the soundtrack: “Everything In Its Right Place” by Radiohead, “Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space” from Spiritualized, and “Untitled #4 (‘Njósnavélin’)” by Sigur Rós.

The episode will be available Monday, November 29th wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Aaron Bevill is a musician and videographer in Nashville, TN. Aaron has been playing guitar since he was 12 and has had a lifelong obsession with music ranging from blues to heavy metal. He has released three self-published instrumental acoustic albums.


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