Episode 83 Playlist

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Coming up in Episode 83, Aaron and Brent get a jumpstart on Halloween this week by spotlighting the centuries-old sub-genre of music known as “Murder Ballads”.

With a storytelling narrative featuring lyrics detailing events surrounding death and mayhem, Aaron looks at three songs with a more traditional interpretation including “Oh Darlin’ What Have I Done” by The White Buffalo, “Sonora’s Death Row” by Mark Erelli & Jeffrey Foucault, and “Shankill Butchers” by The Decemberists.

Going with more unconventional songs that pay homage to the style and characteristics of the genre, Brent highlights “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” from Warrant, “My Name Is Mud” from Primus, and 18 & Life” from Skid Row.

The episode will be available Monday, Oct 25th wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Aaron Bevill is a musician and videographer in Nashville, TN. Aaron has been playing guitar since he was 12 and has had a lifelong obsession with music ranging from blues to heavy metal. He has released three self-published instrumental acoustic albums.


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