Episode 77 Playlist

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This week, Aaron and Brent look at an Orange County, CA-based Christian rock group and psychedelic funk band from Memphis.

Getting their start in 1994 by putting out several independent releases before issuing their Dove Award-nominated major label debut in 1998, Aaron highlights three songs from the band Skypark including “Here Come The Bugs”, “My Mirror”, and “Am I Pretty?”.

Incorporating a mix of guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals with DJ Colin Butler’s samples, beats, and loops, Brent spotlights three tracks from Big Ass Truck including “Queenie Come Clean”, “Taylor, Mississippi” and “9 Bullets”.

The episode will be available Monday, September 13th wherever you listen to podcasts.

Big Ass Truck
Picture Credit: https://www.facebook.com/BigAssTruck/
Picture Credit: https://www.facebook.com/skyparkband/

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Aaron Bevill is a musician and videographer in Nashville, TN. Aaron has been playing guitar since he was 12 and has had a lifelong obsession with music ranging from blues to heavy metal. He has released three self-published instrumental acoustic albums.


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