Episode 73 Playlist

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Inspired by Aaron’s upcoming vacation to the northwest, Aaron and Brent each highlight three of their favorite “Road Trippin’ Songs” for Episode 73. From sing-along anthems to mood-setting ballads, Aaron and Brent spotlight songs from The Refreshments, Bear And A Banjo, Cowboy Mouth, The John Butler Trio, Icona Pop, and The Ataris.

The episode will be available Monday, August 16th wherever you listen to podcasts.

Picture Credit: https://www.songkick.com/artists/105721-refreshments
Picture Credit: https://www.audiofemme.com/playing-nashville-zac-brown-guests-on-latest-episode-of-bear-and-a-banjo-podcast/
Picture Credit: https://essentiallypop.com/epop/2018/08/cowboy-mouth-broken-up/
Picture Credit: https://www.redlightmanagement.com/artists/john-butler-trio/
Picture Credit: https://www.beatport.com/artist/icona-pop/163955
Picture Credit: https://www.straight.com/article-336026/vancouver/ataris-make-poppunk-fans-wait-new-material

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Aaron Bevill is a musician and videographer in Nashville, TN. Aaron has been playing guitar since he was 12 and has had a lifelong obsession with music ranging from blues to heavy metal. He has released three self-published instrumental acoustic albums.


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