Episode 125 Playlist

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This week, Brent takes the reins for another installment in the Filling In The Gaps series.

Giving Aaron time to focus on moving into his new home this week, Brent highlights all six songs for Filling In The Gaps, Volume 6:  90s Rap.

Brent spotlights “Freedom Of Speech” by Above The Law, “Slam”, from Onyx, “The Choice Is Yours” by Black Sheep, “Pop Goes The Weasel” from 3rd Bass, “I Left My Wallet In El Segundo” by A Tribe Called Quest, and “It Was A Good Day” from Ice Cube.

The episode will be available Monday, August 22nd wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Aaron Bevill is a musician and videographer in Nashville, TN. Aaron has been playing guitar since he was 12 and has had a lifelong obsession with music ranging from blues to heavy metal. He has released three self-published instrumental acoustic albums.


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