Elliott Smith & Brian Dunne

Episode 82

In Episode 82, Aaron and Brent look at music from a Berklee College of Music grad originally from upstate New York and an Oscar nominated singer/songwriter from Portland.

With honest and vulnerable lyrics devoted to introspection, social commentary and political awareness, Aaron highlights three songs from Brooklyn-based musician Brian Dunne.

Propelled into the mainstream after director Gus Van Sant featured his music in the film Good Will Hunting, Brent spotlights three songs from the late Elliott Smith.

This Week’s Playlist

  1. Needle In The Hay – Elliott Smith – Elliott Smith (1995)
  2. Nothing Matters Anymore – Brian Dunne – Selling Things (2021)
  3. Miss Misery – Elliott Smith – XO (1998)
  4. Getting Wrecked on Election Day – Brian Dunne – Selling Things (2021)
  5. A Fond Farewell – Elliott Smith – From A Basement On A Hill (2004)
  6. Chasing Down a Ghost – Brian Dunne – Selling Things (2021)

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Videos Mentioned

  • (38:42) Brian Dunne – Nothing Matters Anymore (Official Video) – YouTube
  • (39:27) Brian Dunne – Nothing Matters Anymore {POP UP VIDEO} – YouTube
  • (41:12) Elliott Smith Performing Miss Misery At 1998 Oscars – YouTube
  • (43:17) “Miss Misery” in Good Will Hunting – YouTube
  • (52:09) Uppers & Downers with Brian Dunne – YouTube
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    • Elliott Smith
    • Brian Dunne

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