Dio & Ghost

Episode 126

This week, Aaron highlights music from a Swedish group that incorporates horror imagery, the occult, and Satanic themes into their music while Brent spotlights a heavy metal icon known for his powerful singing voice and for popularizing the so-called “devil’s horns” hand gesture.

Fronted by lead singer, songwriter, and conceptualist Tobias Forge, who dons various demonic Pope costumes and is backed by a band of “Nameless Ghouls” hidden in cloaks and heavy makeup, Aaron looks at three songs from the band Ghost.

Fronting bands like Rainbow and Black Sabbath before creating his own band in 1983, Brent picks out three songs from the career of Ronnie James Dio.

This Week’s Playlist

  1. Man On The Silver Mountain – Dio – Holy Diver: Live (2021)
  2. Spillways – Ghost – IMPERA (2022)
  3. Heaven And Hell – Dio – Finding The Sacred Heart: Live In Philly 1986 (2013)
  4. Call Me Little Sunshine – Ghost – IMPERA (2022)
  5. The Last In Line – Dio – The Last In Line (1984)
  6. Darkness at the Heart of My Love – Ghost – IMPERA (2022)

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Videos Mentioned

(22:34) HISTORY OF GHOST ! – YouTube
(38:33) Ghost – Spillways (Official Music Video) – YouTube
(55:40) Ghost – Hunter’s Moon (Extended Edit) [‘Halloween Kills’ Music Video] – YouTube
(01:10:38) Ghost 101: Explaining the Mysterious Swedish Band – Toni Gonzalez’s Weekly Riff – YouTube
(01:11:54) Ghost’s Tobias Forge on Satanism, Religious Protestors + B*tch School Teacher – YouTube
Bands Mentioned
  • Ronnie James Dio
  • Rainbow
  • Black Sabbath
  • Ghost
  • Ghost B.C.
  • Metallica
  • KISS
  • Deep Purple

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